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Taranaki Timebank

But I don't have any skills to offer!

The other day:

“What do you mean, you've got no skills?”
“Well, I know I do my job well… but I don't want to offer these skills as a Timebank member….”
Oh, OK! I get that. "Let me ask you differently: What do you like to do? What are the things you like to do, when you have some spare time?”
“Well, I like to flip pancakes. Let them somersault through the kitchen… I can do these really thin french crêpes. They are delicious. I fill them with different fillings...”
“There you go! A skill to offer!”
“But that's not a skill! Who would want to learn that?”
“You would be surprised!” After a short while of thinking...
“You know, I think I'm also quite good at doing tomato chutneys… and… “
It turned out my girlfriend had actually many skills!

What is a talent or skill? What's it worth?

Some people do have obviously good skills. They are tutors or accountants, they are builders or teach yoga, they are computer savvy and cool artists…
But for many people it does not come too easy to name their skills.

When skills don't earn you money they are degraded as no skills. When a knowledge can't be sold it does not have any value.
Or does it?

The influence of our monetary based economy into our daily lives has a big impact on how we value things and how we value others. Value is measured by price. Even though it was there before money (? That's a wild guess. You can correct me on this).

The things we do or know are not acknowledged the same if they don't earn us any income. But they they are just as important! There are certain things we do every day to make our lives work, our families work, our communities work. We all invest time for a better Core Economy(*). And the more we invest the better the outcome. Everyone (the individual, the state, the economy) needs functioning families, communities, a functioning society.
So we really should start valuing the things we do with the skills we have to make it all possible.

Timebank lets you do the things you like to do and someone might help you doing the things you don't like. And because you earn time credit for it - your time is valued.

Your french crêpes offer will help someone who simply doesn't like to cook but loves eating french crêpes.
Your french crêpes offer will help someone who wants to become better at doing it but whose crêpes keep sticking to the pan.
Your french crêpes offer will help a family to a nice dessert for dinner. Mom usually doesn't have enough time for cooking dessert.

The knowledge of how to make french crêpes may not earn you any income but it might help someone else in your community. And – SWOOP – you have a quick and delicious Time Trade on the table (literally).

No matter for what reason someone takes your Timbank offer. It is of value for them! Be proud and pat yourself on the shoulder because you have a talent, a skill.

Think about the things you like to do. You like untangling stuff? We did have this offer once. I'm not making this up!
You like ironing? Just make sure you are strong enough to say NO as you might get an overload of requests on this one. Knitting? Waltzing? Talking or listening?

I am giving away an hour of my Timebank account for the oddest skill someone might have and would be happy to share! Send me an e-mail, phone or Facebook.

Happy time trading!




You do have skills! Everyone has something to offer!