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Taranaki Timebank

Update Neighbourhood

Did you get a notification lately to update your neighbourhood? Asking yourself what this is all about?

Well - good news - we are growing. We are close to 150 Timebankers in Taranaki. Our members no longer just come from New Plymouth. New Timebankers are joining in other Taranaki regions. To help co-ordinate with member inquiries and to keep track of regional numbers we need you to update your neighbourhood.

And while you are online make sure to tick your community Timebank if you belong to one. Currently we have one in Waitara and one in Hawera. If you are interested in starting a community Timebank - this could be a regional Timebank or a talent specific Timebank - get in touch with us.

And don't forget to update your profile picture.

And your "About".

Thank you!

UPDATE NEIGHBOURHOOD: go to your profile - Contact Info -> "Edit Address" - choose neighbourhood from list.
UPDATE COMMUNITY TIMEBANK: go to your profile - Connections -> "Edit Connections" - choose community TB if available
UPDATE ABOUT: got to your profile - About you -> "Edit biography"
UPDATE IMAGE: got to your profile - drag and drop

We have what we need if we use what we have. ~ Edgar Cahn