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Taranaki Timebank

Wahakura - a beautiful time trade story

We are grateful for receiving your Timebank stories. Here is one Stuart sent us. What wonderful things we create when we share our time and skills. Thank you Stuart and Karen for sharing your time and story!
Stuart recently earned 4 TimeBank hours by sewing a mattress cover and lining for a wahakura Karen had woven out of harakeke (flax).
The wahakura will be used as a “co-sleeper” for a newborn baby. Co-sleeping (infants sleeping with parents) is important to Maori culture, but paediatricians warn that it’s linked to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). The wahakura allows parents to safely bring newborns into their bed without worrying they will roll over on them.
Stuart recently used some of her hours to get the washer fixed in her kitchen faucet. Right now she’s looking for someone to sharpen her scissors and garden tools.
Karen earns TimeBank hours by offering instruction in Traditional Maori weaving..