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Taranaki TimeBank

Timebanking Safely in the Covid Traffic Light System: Orange Level

Tēnā tatou,

We have now shifted to the Covid Traffic Light System and Taranaki is at the Orange Level. 

We can continue to exchange our skills and encourage all our members to do so safely. Here are our guidelines but please, do everything you need to stay safe. 

Please do not timebank if….

  • You are feeling ill, please don’t Timebank (this is good advice, COVID or not). If you have any cold or flu like symptoms then stay at home, call Healthline on 0800 611 116 or your GP for advice. Play it safe and have a Covid test.

If you are timebanking (yay!)…

We require all members to log their trades as soon as possible after the trade has been completed. Prior to carrying out the trade, those involved should decide who will log the trade. If you are having difficulties logging your trade through our website, please contact a coordinator. You can also use the Notes function on your tracer app to record details of your trade. Kia mataara tātou. Let's be mindful. :)

  • If trading inside, please discuss your preferences regarding wearing masks when inside, if you are unable to practice social distancing.
  • Maintain physical distancing of 2 metres if not wearing a mask.
  • Wash or sanitise your hands regularly. Use soap. Wash for 20 seconds. Then dry thoroughly.
  • Sneeze and cough into your elbow, regularly disinfect surfaces.
  • Be aware of vulnerable members and take extra precautions to trade safely.
  • If there is food involved, please prepare carefully and serve individually, taking hygiene precautions.
  • Be kind! Share resources safely and look after our community!
  • If a trade is happening at your home or in close proximity, please ensure both/all parties have a clear understanding of how these guidelines are implemented. 

An important update: We ask members to please indicate in your offers and requests, if you are willing to trade with anyone, or if you prefer to trade with vaccinated individuals only. We ask this as we have had requests from members recently, from both vaccinated and vaccine-free, who felt it would reduce the need for (potentially) awkward/uncomfortable conversations about vaccine status.

We are an inclusive community, and, we respect each other's preferences and needs. Let's keep putting the unity into community - rārangahia tātou - as we 'weave' together as a unique community. 

How to write your preferences in your requests and offers? Here are a few examples:

- This offer/request is open to both vaccinated and vaccine-free. 

- I prefer this trade to be with vaccinated individuals. Thank you for understanding.

- Please wear a mask at all times/when inside. Thank you!

- This trade is for anyone, vaccinated or not.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with one of our coordinators.


Trades can be conducted keeping a social distance of at least 2 metres. For example:

  • Resource sharing, such as dropping off jigsaws you have completed or craft supplies to other members.
  • Visiting someone that is a bit isolated and has been having a tough time on their own.
  • Dropping off seeds to a member to grow their new garden.


Here are some ideas for online trades:

  • Offer mentoring via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime etc.
  • Give an online cooking demo.
  • Help a student prepare for exam study.
  • Have an online cuppa with other members.
  • Take up a coaching session from one of our many coaches.
  • Have a language exchange.
  • Facilitate an online group dance party, yoga session or a book club! 

We understand that these restrictions will feel inhibiting for some, comforting for others. We honour all views and voices. Timebanking is about uniting not segregating. We are here for each other during this traffic light experience. Let's continue to exchange our skills with aroha and respect for each other, taking necessary safety measures.


The Taranaki TimeBank Steering Committee